Meet the Bueno Gang

Welcome to the internet home of the Bueno Gang film series. If you need to contact the producer, you will find his address at the bottom of each page of this site.

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All God’s Children

Meet The Bueno Gang in their first movie together! A trip to the zoo helps The Gang learn some important lessons. As the first of The Bueno Gang series, this movie introduces the world to these endearing kids and illustrates God’s love for all children. Colorful, fun, and lively!

2003 release. 30 minutes. Available Now!
VHS $11.99 DVD $15.99

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The Good Dentist

Oh no! The Bueno Gang visit the dentist! But, things aren’t that scary when The Bueno Gang learn to use the “companionship of Jesus” as a tool for facing the unknown.

2004 release. 30 minutes.
VHS $12.99 DVD $16.99

Digital: Buy/rent now.